Mountain House Chicken Alfredo

This is one of those posts that has little to do with ministry and is a bit of a change for me.  It's a full blown product review.  Here's the backstory:  a while back, I purchased a Mountain House freeze-dried meal to take on a day-hike with my son.  It was delicious, and I blogged about the hike here.  While the entree was quite tasty, I had to note that it was extremely high in Sodium (1690mg).  I thought nothing of it for a long time.  Then a few weeks ago, Mountain House contacted me and offered to send me a low-sodium meal to try out.  They didn't ask for any thing in return, but I'm happy to report back that it was very good.

Mountain House sent the Low-sodium chicken alfredo, (260mg) and it arrived just in time for an overnight to Cheraw State Park in Cheraw, SC.  We cooked the alfredo for lunch one day, just a couple of miles into a hike into the red-cockaded woodpecker preserve.  We also cooked another brand's mac n' cheese (it was not low-sodium).  The meal was primarily for me and my son, but our friend tasted it, too.  We enjoyed it, and there was more than enough for a couple of day-hikers to share. The low-sodium Mountain House entree won the grown-up's taste test.

Thanks, Mountain House!


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