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Short Bible Verses for Church Signs

Here are 52 verses for church signs. You don't necessarily need to update them every single week. But there's plenty to go around if you're able to do so. 
Most of them are broadly evangelical. I tend to think of our church's roadside presence as a place for general Christian encouragement rather than doctrinal specifics. I also favor actual Scripture instead of quotes and quips, though some communities are often blessed by the latter. 
Our church has 10,000 cars pass by each day, which still sounds crazy to me. So, I'm glad that we have a digital sign where we can put the Word of God front and center each week along with our various events and other announcements. 
These verses are a mix of various translations that are easy to read at 40 miles an hour.  We favor the English Standard Version at Adams Farm Community Church for its accuracy and readability, but sometimes we need something that can be more easily shortened for the limited space on our sign. The NIV is o…

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