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Things Done and Things Undone

Ten minutes out...“Did you lock the door?” Twenty minutes… “Was the iron unplugged?” As we’re checking in to the hotel… “How about the porch lights? The trash?”
I assume our family is like most when we travel. There’s the mad rush to make it out the door on time with luggage in tow. There’s the quick stop for gas and maybe a road snack on the way out of town. And then with miles of interstate before us, we each begin thinking about all of the things we might have forgotten to do before we left. Okay, maybe my family is blissfully enjoying the trip and I’m the only one whose mind is anxiously wandering-- but you get the point.
As I write my final newsletter article for Effingham Presbyterian , I have a bit of that spirit in mind. My books are boxed up. My last visits have been made. There are new preachers scheduled to fill-in. But I can’t help thinking there are a few tasks that I’ve missed.
One of two things will happen at this point: 1) There are things that I’ve forgotten and they wil…

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