Afternoon in the Woods

Me and JHH recently had a Friday together, so we felt the need to do some manly things:
 Jeep wheels on a gravel road; Avett Bros. on the stereo.
 Brownie the Beagle follows his nose
Short hike to super secret field in the middle of town. Took the discount "cyclocross" bike there later in the week... 11 mile loop from my front door.
 Special ops: find out what's being built behind the barbed-wire fence

Plenty of hot chocolate from our Kupilika cup, courtesy of Brian Green's contest a while back.  Thanks again, Brian!
 Brownie needs his treats, too.
 Mini-slingshot. I stock up on these when we pass the Tool outlet in Conway.  They're $.99 but don't last too long. UV Light breaks down the tubing.

Mountain House freeze dried Lunch/Brunch from Naturally Outdoors thanks to a gift card we won at the Chick-Fil-Campout. If you can't read it, it says Cholesterol 565mg/188% Daily Value; Sodium 1690mg 70% Daily Value. We ate about 1/4 of it.  Very tasty, but very bad unless you're through-hiking or something like that. We cooked it with HEET as our fuel on our lil' alcohol stove. Had fun with our sporks!

"That's how we roll," as my son would say.  Florence is nice because if you know where to look, there are plenty of hiking/biking trails.  There's just nothing to summit since it's all so flat!  Either way, a fun day in the woods is never too far away.


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