1 Year Old

I created this blog in April of 2008 after experimenting with blogging here.  This blog serves 3 main purposes:
  1.  It archives ministry "things" I'm interested in.  When I write about something and/or provide links, I know that it will be there a few months from now if I need to recall it. 
  2. A lot of folks are interested in what Pastors do when it's not Sunday--this blog takes care of that.  
  3. The blog provide a means for me to write about things that interest me and relate to ministry but don't have a place in my local church ministry.  Some will eventually turn into a sermon series or study topic.

Here are some statistics for April 27, 2008-April 27, 2009, courtesy of Google Analytics:

  • Visits: 3,068
  • Unique Visitors: 1,359
  • South Carolina Visitors: 1,603 from 39 cities
  • Global Visitors: 3,068 from 41 Countries
  • Returning Visitors: 55.74%

Most Popular Posts (other than Home Page & Archive).  I believe these reflect the nature of search engines.  I suspect that a lot of folks accidently arrive while looking for info on how to fix their "Old Fridge" for example.

Least Popular Posts:

  • Only 3 folks have commented using the comments feature. Most other comments are made via Facebook or e-mail.
  • The highest concentration of visitors comes from our Church's website, Facebook, & my old blog.
  • Most visitors access the blog directly.
  • Strangely, a blog called "Baby Boy Noah" is 9th highest source of visitors, but it's an invitation-only blog.
  • A significant number of visitors arrive after reading a comment on someone else's blog on following my link.


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