Heavenly Mansions (and Earthly Limos)

Heavenly Mansions and Earthly Limos

John 14:2 “In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?”

My son’s school sponsored a competition in which the top winners would be escorted by limousine to lunch at a restaurant across town.  He won for his grade and we anticipated his luxurious treat.

When I was his age, I won a similar prize. I recall the dark tinted windows, crystal glasses of Coca-Cola, and a TV in the back. The seats were dark velvet and I felt like a superstar. I described all of this to my son as he anticipated his big day.

The day of the prize, I eagerly awaited the moment I’d hear about his “famous for a day” trip. I picked him up from school and he had a big smile with plenty to tell, but he said that the limo wasn’t everything he expected. I asked him question by question: “No tinted window? No crystal glasses of Coke? No TV? No living-room style seats?”

Sure enough, his limo didn’t sound like much of a limo. I was puzzled until he provided one final detail: the Limo had the name of a local funeral home on the front license plate. This was no hollywood ride, but the austere transport you normally see by a graveside. There were no Cokes or TVs, but plenty of tissues!

We’ve had a good laugh about it and are still grateful for the school and the funeral home director who served as “chauffeur.” My son had a lot of fun, but the ride was not the bucket-list experience he expected.

We’ve all had experiences that didn’t turn out as expected. Thankfully, one area of future promise in our lives will not fall short, will not be a disappointment, and will certainly exceed our expectations. As Jesus describes to his disciples (and us) in John 14:2 “If it were not so, would I have told you…?”

Jesus’ promises of the past are (already) fulfilled and His promises of the future are (awaiting) fulfillment. He has much in store for us beyond even our human notion of rooms and mansions. If it wasn’t so, He wouldn’t have said it!

In Him,
Pastor Brian


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