Word, Walk, & Work: Adapting Eugene Peterson's "Working the Angles" Ministry Model.

Peterson's "Teach, Preach, & Administrate" becomes "Word, Walk, & Work"
This is a simple ministry model, inspired by Eugene Peterson’s “Working the Angles” model of Teach, Preach, & Administrate. Ministry is filled with more, but much of it fits within this paradigm.

Peterson writes, 
"The visible lines of pastoral work are preaching, teaching, and administration. The small angles of this ministry are prayer, Scripture, and spiritual direction. The length and proportions of the ministry "lines" are variable, fitting...a wide range of pastoral gifts. If, though, the lines are disconnected from the angles and drawn willfully or at random, they no longer make a triangle. Pastoral work disconnected from the angle actions...is no longer given its shape by God." 
I've summarized Peterson's two separate "Preaching" and "Teaching" categories under "Word," and added "Walk" to describe shepherding work. In my triangle, "Administration" becomes "Work." There is no meta-message on vocation versus calling. "Work" just fits better with other "W" words.   

"What do you think? Is this an efficient summary? Does this adapt Peterson's work in a helpful way?

  1. Pastoral Studying not including personal devotion, especially in sermon preparation.
  2. Preaching, with an emphasis on Sundays. 
  3. Teaching, Wednesday Nights, Small Group Studies, etc.

  1. Everyday Shepherding including Hospital Visits, Homebound, Nursing Home, etc.
  2. Pastoral counseling (pre-marital, marital, bereavement, etc).
  3. Encouraging “lost sheep.”
  4. Abiding with people in everyday life— simple conversations that lead to deeper questions and relationships.
  5. Meeting for Coffee, lunch, etc.

  1. Executive functions such as staff meetings, calendar planning, budgeting, capital campaigns, and more. 
  2. This can also include “Parish” functions such as attending a ballgame, banquet, board meeting.
  3. Presbytery / denominational work probably fits in here.
  4. Session meetings fit here and under “Walk” depending on what’s being discussed.

“The Angles”

  1. Scripture: Personal bible study not including sermon prep.
  2. Prayer: Personal prayer not including public prayers.
  3. Spirit Direction: personal wisdom-seeking with mentors, other pastors, self-examination. 


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