On Hiatus

I've been blogging here for a little over four years (Since May, 2008).  When I started it was a nice outlet to write about my transition from one community to another.  I moved from being an Associate Pastor of a suburban church plant to a solo Pastor in a rural, established church.  Now, four years in, I am continually thankful for God's provision in our ministry together and in my family life.

It seems like a good time for a blogging break.  Four years is a nice chunk of time.  High School and College both take four years.  My Seminary experience was four years.  I cherished all of those times but I was glad when graduation rolled around and I could move on.

Also, my personal life has changed in four years.  Life is a lot different now that my son is older.  I'm also working on a Doctor of Ministry, and I feel like I'm writing all the time-- I have no need to add a blog post to the list.  My weekends are often spent sitting with my wife watching a soccer game, participating in Cub Scouts, walking with Brownie the Beagle, or getting away on my bicycle.  The times I've blogged about the ARP Church or Erskine were beneficial, but other resources have popped up that do a better job.

If you'd like to stay in touch, you can visit me on Facebook. I'm happy to meet you for a cupcake, too. You'll probably find me in a few places if your Googlin' is good...


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