Scenes from a D. Min Class

I recently attended my final D. Min class at Erskine Seminary's Columbia, SC campus.  I had intended on taking a few pictures, but it didn't work out.  There's a certain sense of intimacy and camaraderie in these classes as we openly discuss a variety of issues.  Taking pictures would have been too intrusive.

Highlights from the class (other than the obvious):
  • Meeting some new faces and reconnecting with familiar ones.
  • Learning and singing modern day renditions of a few Psalms and a couple of Odes of Solomon along with Mark Baynes and his new GS Mini
  • Seeing how much ancient history mirrors modern history (or is it the other way around?). I don't know how much history resonates with modernity until I read it.  You don't now what you're missing until you find out you've missed it!
  • Sitting within 4 feet of DHL at the height of DHL fever.
  • Lunch with my brother in law, Buster, all around nice guy, guitar collector, and pastor.
  • Moo Shoo with Brad A., also a nice guy; king of chill. I used to do my laundry at his place back in those halcyon seminary days. We were fond of chicken fried rice in Belton, SC back then.
  • Bike ride down by the river; Hudson River school art at the museum; the smell of canvas at the Army-Navy store, Holiday Inn Express Cinnamon rolls.
  • After supper one night with our esteemed professor and a few other students, the woman behind us got up to leave and remarked: "Gentlemen, it was most interesting hearing your conversation."  That could be taken several ways!
 3 ingredients for a successful class: Laptop, Coffee, Krispy Kreme.  There was a large percentage of Macs in this particular class.
 Behind the scenes: my trusty Taylor 410, Tote filled with books, Messenger Bag with papers and handouts.
 A stack o' books. Note the author on the bottom two (our Prof.) We read books 1-3 of his 7 volume set for this particular class. 
 Lunch in Jackson Hall at 1st Presbyterian.
 Window in Jackson Hall.


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