Why Wouldn't I?

This past weekend, I put the finishing touches on a “fortress” for my son, Harrison.  My dad came down a couple of weeks ago and we built a tree house, zip line, climbing wall, and rope ladder.  With each passing day, my son's courage has built up to where he can now do the whole 65ft. zip line run with minimal bloodshed.
As a father, The best part for me is thinking up creative ways to answer the question that my little guy asks every single time we go out to play on it (and I do mean we-- I didn’t go through all this trouble not to be able to enjoy it myself). Any way, without fail, about 10-15 minutes into our play time, he’ll sit on the edge of the tree house and shake his head and say something like, “Daddy, I just can’t believe this -- why would you build all this for just a kid like me?”
Well, I’m his dad-- why wouldn’t I?  I like to bless my son when I can. The love of a father is hard to put into words.  There is simply too much joy to describe when I’m able to really make my son’s day.  In Matthew 7:9, Jesus explains the love of our heavenly Father the same way:
"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?”
We’re too surprised when we’re the recipients of God’s blessings.  Sure, we often receive some of His hard lessons or His tough love.  But cmon-- certainly you’ve been blessed at one time or another with a simple “can’t-belive-this-is-all-for-me” gift from our Heavenly Father! If God could be surprised, He’d be surprised at our surprise. We ask “Why would you do all this for me?” He answers that question in many ways throughout the Bible, but maybe the simplest answer is the one unspoken from the verse above-- “Why wouldn’t I?”


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