My Bike Ride to Church

 The ride begins at a dirt road just outside my neighborhood...
Then crosses these logs. They were installed to deter trucks,  ATVS, and pastors with Jeeps...less than 100 yards from a Wal-Mart Supercenter
 Passes by a dam that is strangely attractive, though I suspect the water is heavily polluted.
The firefighters wash their truck on this warm February day...
 An otherworldly green field...
 The longest stretch of the commute is quite empty, but this picture was taken only a few moments before a near-miss with a truck in a hurry...
 Do you need 257 acres?  The number is on the sign.
 Yes, please do.  Especially the aforementioned truck.
 Quintessential Effingham, SC.
 My workshop on most days.
The best mail-order Chinese frame money can buy. Fits 35c tires and I didn't cry the first two times I laid it down in my Fredtastic pursuits.


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