Deacons & the Ministry of Unlocking the Church

Unless your church is large enough to have a paid custodian or sexton, then the routine maintenance of the building falls on the shoulders of a group of volunteers.  Some churches have Elders who do it, others have Deacons (some have both). There a plenty of Sundays when the pastor just takes care of it, too.  Regardless, it can be a thankless task.  Here's a note (below) I'm putting in the leadership notebooks for our newly installed Deacons in a few weeks regarding their weekly routine of opening and closing our building:
This is a vital ministry to our church, yet it only takes 20 minutes a week. When the temperature it is too hot or too cold, folks are distracted in their Sunday School or Worship time.  When people arrive a few minutes early and their regular door is locked, they feel unwelcome and start their Sunday in frustration. When the alarm is not consistently set, it presents a security danger and is confusing for the next person who opens the building. When lights are out inside, our facilities look gloomy.  Outside, lights that are out are a safety hazard. Your ministry sets the tone for every event that happens in our building.


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