Virtual Virtuosity

This morning, I worked from home.  I sat in the kitchen and prepared for tonight's Wednesday Bible study at church.  I'll speak to about 20-30 folks in Effingham.  While I worked with pen and paper, my wife sat in the den.  She's a teacher at the SC Virtual Charter School (SCVCS).  She taught 180 students while sitting on our sofa with her laptop, a headset-mic, and a webcam.  The students are spread all over SC.  Maybe some of them will be at their own churches tonight interacting face-to-face after a day spent in front of a computer screen.

God's message never changes, but our methods of delivering that message are ever-changing.  Virtual church campuses already exist.  Your Bible is now on your Kindle, iPhone, or whatever.  More people will stumble upon this blogpost in the next 18 months than will hear me tonight or this Sunday morning. When I post papers online, they may get 50 or 60 hits.  I wonder, what all this will mean in 5, 15, or 25 years?  I don't imagine that human interaction should be limited to just virtual or "in real life."  But we're still learning about the virtual world, and each day it changes the "real world" a little bit more.


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