A Texan in New York, A Galilean in Jerusalem

Justin Taylor blogged about R.T. France's The Gospel of Matthew this week, with 7 differences between Galilee and Judea:

"...even an impeccably Jewish Galilean in first-century Jerusalem was not among his own people; he was as much a foreigner as an Irishman in London or a Texan in New York. His accent would immediately mark him out as “not one of us,” and all the communal prejudice of the supposedly superior culture of the capital city would stand against his claim to be heard even as a prophet, let alone as the “Messiah,” a title which, as everyone knew, belonged to Judea..."

The whole article is definitely worth the 10 minutes it will take to read it, and may even be good fodder for a Wednesday night discussion.  Click Here for more


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