"Genesis: Origins" Notes & Audio Available

This past spring, I preached through Genesis chapters 1-11.  It is often called the "Primeval History" of the world, and our understanding of it influences the way we think about Biblical Inerrancy, Scientific Discovery, The Origin of Evil, Marriage, Environmental Sustainability, and even the Character of God.

For me, preaching through the first part of Genesis was a way for me to firm up my own understanding of these issues.  The sermon series came at a significant time.  Our denomination was wrestling with Biblical Inerrancy, my wife had won some significant awards as a public school science teacher, and I was convicted that it was the time in my ministry to tackle this important first book of the Bible.

If you'd like to listen to or read the sermons, they're now online at www.Sermon.net/EffinghamARP.  Just look for "Genesis: Origins."


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