Knowing Your Limits (Carl Trueman)

Carl Trueman writes in the latest issue of Themelios about the tricky balance believers face in addressing national issues in light of local ministry.  I couldn't help but to think of some of our own ARP issues as they play out in the blogosphere, where there can be a skewed signal to noise ratio.  See if you agree:
"In a conversation late in his life, Goethe commented that the secret of artistic genius lay in self-limitation. One might perhaps apply the same today to theological controversy. Indeed, while knowing one’s limits is important to making appropriate contributions to many areas, it is vital in theology. This is especially true at a time like this, when technology makes the possibility of excess an omnipresent reality...

Limitation is particularly important in theological controversy for three main reasons: time, calling, and competence. All three are closely connected..."

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