Off the Radar

Next week is an Erskine week, so I'll be attending class Monday through Friday.  That means that this week is all about finalizing some book reports, getting a sermon ready, and tending to some family stuff (my lil' guy's birthday).  Laura and I also have a couple of social events to attend. It is a busy week, and without Google Calendar, I'd be lost.  I feel like I'm off the Radar right now-- off my regular routine.

I had a good bike ride last week (25 miles in the country, though I shouldn't haven taken for granted that the roads on my map would all be paved), and my wife planted some new flowers over the weekend. The yard is fertilized, edged, and trimmed to NC State specifications (they have a helpful lawncare website). I'm outside today and at home, reading about Puritans, prayer and enjoying some post-pollen sunshine.  My next paper will be typed on the patio while Harrison plays (too closely) with his water gun.

Ministerial life is a peculiar thing.  It's not 9-5 every day (though it can be) nor is it "one day a week" as some joke.  It is not always coat and tie, but it's also not business casual.  The one common denominator in all ministries is that of shepherding. Sometimes you're shepherding the church; other times the family. In weeks such as this, preparing for your own studies, you're kind of shepherding yourself.  In turn, you know that will make you a better shepherd for the others the Lord has placed in your path.

Some time "off the Radar" (in the books, away at class, or on a bike ride) makes the time "on the Radar" that much better.  See you Sunday!


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