Let me tell you about my wife...

Many of you know my wife, Laura.  She's a virtual charter school teacher here in SC.  These past few months she's been pretty busy!  She is the SC Charter School District Teacher of the Year and a representative for SC Virtual Charter School (SCVCS).

I was proud of all of her efforts recently when she made an appearance on SC ETV (PBS).  She was interviewed alongside several other educators as well as our State Superintendent of Education, Mick Zais.  I thought she did a great job answering questions and explaining a few misconceptions about this relatively new (for SC) educational opportunity.

Soon, I'll accompany Laura to a banquet where they'll announce State Teacher of the Year.  Laura is not a finalist, but she's Teacher of the Year every year in my book!

Check out her TV debut here, and note the special segment about 15 minutes in where they show her in action.

You can keep up with her blog here.


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