What's Up?

It is hard to believe we're a month past Christmas.  I like to update this blog at least once a week, but it hasn't been on my radar for a while.  So What's up? Here are some highlights from the last month:
  • A great experience with our Christmas Cantata, making full use of some of our new sound/video equipment here at EPC.
  • A few good bike rides, including my new favorite 10 mile loop of "Hospital Hill" in Florence and a Downtown Columbia /Greenway out and back last week.
  • Monster Trucks with my family at the Civic Center.
  • Good conversations and a great class on 16th Century Worship/Reformers at Erskine Seminary.
  • Putting together a slightly DIY alcohol stove cookset and making hot chocolate in the dark with JHH-- who just got his first pocketknife.
  • Starting a new sermon series on the book of Ruth.
  • Tracking down a batch of my favorite pencils at Staples.
  • Almost finished with my rattle-can "restoration" of an old Schwinn. White tires lookin' good, too.
  • Finding my old journal from High School and thanking God for all those "unanswered prayers" (well, you know what I mean...)
Any way, that's what's up. No poignant posts or pithy quotes-- just a little slice of life.


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