The 'Dark Cloud' of God

I heard this on the radio today in a Thanksgiving sermon from Alistair Begg.  It's a quote from Sarah Edwards, who wrote to heer daughter after her husband Jonathan died:
"A Holy and Good God has covered us with a dark cloud. Oh that we might kiss the rod that he lays on our back and not complain. The Lord has done it. God has helped me adore his goodness that we had your father for so long, but my God lives and he has my heart."
I like what she says.  She acknowledges the bitterness of losing her companion, but also the sweetness of a loving God who has a plan for our lives far beyond what we know of the earth.  Life in Christ is not easy, but it is joyful.

PS: Please forgive all the italics-- I'm having trouble with formatting today.


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