Your 'Sweet Spot' & God's Plan

This morning, as I got my Megg's Exxon travel mug filled and my son buttoned up for school, he asked, "Daddy, will I go to church every day like you when I get big?"

It was a good question!  I suppose he might, but that's all up to God's calling in his life and how he grows in his gifts and interests.  I told him he might end up being called to into sales like his grandfather, teaching like mommy, or something different like his friend at church who works with computers.  "It all depends on God's plan and your gifts," I said.

This morning I was reading an article on managing personal finances, when I stumbled on the following diagram:

I think it describes pretty well how God will often guide us in life.  We don't necessarily need a "burning bush" experience to know what we should do for a living.  Sometimes it is as simple as looking at our life's circumstances with a prayer for Godly wisdom in our hearts, such as James 1: 5 (NIV)
"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. "
What do YOU think?


  1. Hmm for some reason my nose itches...

  2. Billy- Ha! You were indeed part of the little guy's life lesson today : ) You never know where your influence will reach!


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