4 Categories for Family Time

If your family is like ours, you find your family activities stay pretty close to the preferences of Mom and Dad. We want our son to have a variety of experiences and opportunities, but we get in a rut sometimes just doing the things we like to do. I thought the following excerpt was a practical way of thinking about our family's leisure time, though I'm not sure how the author's suggested "couple's retreat" is supposed to work with the kiddies! You can read more of it here.

"Be creative and versatile. Try things from each of these

four categories:

  • Physical--Hiking, camping, walks, sports, biking, canoeing, rafting, tennis, bowling, touch football, archery, Frisbee throwing, kite flying, jogging, wrestling with children, skating, gardening, etc.
  • Social--Picnics, family projects, making desserts together, drives in the country, singing, trip to a zoo, couple's retreat, reading the Sunday comics together, special restaurants (try new cuisines), plant tours (e.g., automobile, newspaper, bottling company), interfamily recreation, beach or mountain trip, etc.
  • Cultural--Plays, films, museums, concerts, art galleries, tours, historical sites and homes, antique shows, drawing and painting, family theater, etc.
  • Mental--Story telling, Bible trivia, hobbies, games, computers, crafts, etc."


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