Longboarding & Sanctification

I've been skateboarding since I was ten. I prized my Vision Gator board and thought I was "the stuff," as they say. Last summer I bought a Gravity Longboard. It's for cruising, and ideal for old guys like me who still think they're "the stuff" but don't want to fall and have their insurance premiums go up. My son tows me with his Power Wheels and we have a good ole' time.

All these years, I didn't realize I was riding "mongo," which is frowned upon in the skateboarding community. I use the wrong foot to get going, but it works for me. The thing is, now that I'm aware of my weakness, I just can't seem to stop-- but I try riding "regular" a litttle each day. It gets a little easier with each try, but it takes a while to teach an old dog new tricks.

When Christ gets a hold of our life, often a few sinful biggies quickly fall by the wayside. But those harder to notice sins hang on for a long time

A little each day, we grow more to be like Christ and less to be like Evil. It's called sanctification. It takes a long time. And when it's done-- you're in heaven.


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