Action Movies, Hans Zimmer, & the DNA of Christ

"Crimson Tide" changed the tone of action cinema soundtracks forever. It was the first to use a heavy dose of synthesizers instead of a full orchestra, and Hans Zimmer's composition has a signature percussive sound. You know it when you hear it.

His fingerprints are all over Pirates of The Caribbean, Gladiator, Bad Boys, and more-- especially movie trailers that recycle soundtracks. Sometimes you think you hear a Zimmer score only to find out it's someone else mimicking his style.

Once we identify with Christ, his fingerprints are even more evident in us. Suddenly, everything we do becomes an opportunity for glorifying him--a way to be identified with Christ. Folks can't help but hear His "soundtrack" in our lives. Like Hans Zimmer's ever-present stamp on action cinema, Christ has an indelible stamp on our actions in life.

It may be a silly comparison, but it's true! Who would have thought an action-movie cliche could be fodder for a lesson in theology?


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