Effingham Newsletter: April

Our community Easter service on April 4th centered on prayer this year. Corporate prayer (that is, praying as a group) is an important part of our role as a church. What better time for cooperate prayer than when several churches gather? Tabernacle, Dawsey, Evergreen, and Hopewell joined us.

If you’re like me, your prayers might tend to sound alike after a while. I pray for my family, our church, personal health, etc. again and again, while neglecting some other important parts of life. I get frustrated sometimes with politicians and politics, but I have no right to complain if I’m not praying for these men and women. Here are a few ways that we can be in prayer throughout the year, courtesy of Spire Resources’ “Prayer Map of America.” Regardless of your political leanings, we can all agree that our country and those around the world will always need prayer. Here are some suggestions on what to pray for:
  • Our President and Vice President: That their hearts will be guided by God.
  • Our Congressional Leaders: That they will govern with God-honoring discernment.
  • Our Armed Forces: That they will be blessed with strength, safety, and honesty.
  • Our Candidates for Public Office: They will seek justice, honor, and morality.
  • Our Justice System: That they will be vigilant, discerning, and wise.
  • For Spiritual Renewal: That we will all be drawn to Jesus Christ, His life and salvation
  • For Leaders in Our State: That they will serve with integrity and act justly.
  • For Churches in Our State: That they will be lighthouses of truth and havens of hope.
  • For Christians in Our State: That they will serve Christ in faithfulness, humility, and love.
There you go--nine ways to pray for our country and state! You might consider praying for one or two of these a day, focusing on one each week in your Sunday School or Small Group, or even making this a part of your family prayers at suppertime. I know next time I get ready to complain about local or national politics, I might stop and pray instead. As James 5:16 reminds us all, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”


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