True Conversion & Default Christians

The Layman Online offers a brief explanation on what it means to be a true follower of Christ. Here's a quote:

"Nominal Christians, people who are “Christians” in name only, are leading lives that bear little resemblance to the life of Jesus. They know that they’re not Muslim and they’re not Jewish and they’re not Hindu and they’re not Buddhist, so they must be Christian, right?"

In the South, it seems that everybody believes in God-- though that is changing as our region becomes as much of a melting pot as any other. The pockets of SC where I've served as pastor are filled with folks who are "Christian" this way. It seems everybody grew up in church or is a member of a church. If not, they are at least comfortable in the Church when they go for Christmas, Easter, Weddings, and Funerals. It can be challenging to really share the meaning of Christ with folks because they associate Christianity with Religion and Church instead of a Life-changing relationship with Christ.

Check out the article from The Layman. Is there such thing as True Conversion? If so, does that mean that there can be False Conversion?


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