God, Man, and the Spoken/Written Word

God doesn’t need us to make Him perceptible or intelligible, but He has allowed us to be a part of this process (Matthew 28:19-20). He has commanded us to make disciples; to teach them observance. Our role is empowered by Scripture, informed by Scripture, and indwelled by Scripture.

The mission of God was built first on the spoken word as His story was passed among the nations and generations. From there it became the written word. And so it has been throughout history--the spoken and the written in union.

To suggest that God needs man for his mission is to place man too highly. Too suggest that God has no need for man us to undermine His pattern through the ages. As such, it is with an innocence and an intention that we do not add to the Gospel or assume to clarify it--we build upon the Gospel and affirm its clarity. God has a use for human intellect, communication, and technique provided it is at His service and not His expense.


  1. Good thoughts -- thank you. I especially like the final sentence.


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