My Better Half: Front Page News

Laura was also featured in The Florence News Journal on none other than the front page. That's her picture in what used to be my music room; now her office. Excerpts are below, or click the links to read the articles in their entirety.

I've learned a lot from my wife, and I'm blessed to be her companion as God uses us both in different ways. I'm proud of her latest endeavor with the South Carolina Virtual Charter School, which was recently ranked #2 in the nation by the Center for Digital Education.

From The Florence News Journal:
Laura Howard, SCVCS high school science teacher, believes SCVCS is the best of the best in virtual education.
"It doesn't take long for the students to discover just how intense and challenging this curriculum can be," she says. Howard was with FSD1 before choosing to teach at SCVCS. She's a believer of the extensive and fantastic benefits it offers students in today's world. She stresses that it's not home school, but rather school at home.
South Carolina’s two-year-old Virtual School Program has more than 5,000 students enrolled in more than 60 courses for the fall semester, and funding is provided by the state for public, private, home schooled and charter school students. Of the 5,144 students currently enrolled in academic courses, 4,884 are public school students, 127 are private school students, 45 are home-school students, and 88 are students in the state’s five virtual public charter schools.


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