Bible Truth for Worriers

Whenever I have the opportunity to meet with someone to talk about life issues, one common theme comes up: Worry. In fact, whenever I look in the mirror, the same issue comes up!

We often talk about death, sickness, stress, family problems, and more. Fear of the unknown is a big issue. The truth is, we all know that we're going to die, get sick, face stress, have family problems, etc. If we know we're going to face these challenges, why are we so surprised when they show up at our door? I think it's because even though we know they're coming, we don't know what we're going to do when they get here.

For Christians, I suppose there really shouldn't be any fear of the unknown. After all, God knows, right? Here are some Bible verses that deal with worry and stress. They serve to remind us that just because we don't know something doesn't mean that it's unknown.

Click here for verses via BibleGateway. Read them in the NLT for a general idea and then switch to the ESV for deeper study.



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