Prayer: Preparing for Special Services 11

"Father God, church can be 'easy' sometimes. It's comfortable. There are Christians all over this world who face the possibility of death when they gather together, but not us. Help us to honor Your Name and Deed when we join in worship. Help us to recognize the wonder and power of Your essence. Help us to overcome ease and convenience and recognize that so often, we stroll into your presence with sin and bitterness on our hearts. You delay judgment for the sake of our salvation, but that doesn't mean judgment won't come. Let us return to our first love-- to the spark of passion in a renewed heart. Amen"

See Revelation 2:1-5

We'll begin our annual Fall Special Services on October 4th. In preparation, our speaker
Rev. Paul Peppin has asked that our leaders join him in prayer for the month leading up to the event. I'll post a prayer each day here on the blog. I'm adapting a prayer guide from the North American Mission Board.


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