Blog-Worthy Week?

Not so far! But fear not, I've been keeping busy with a few things-- none of which you'd care to read about. Here's a summary of a few things that have caught my attention:

Gravity Spoon Nose Longboard:
I got a great deal on a closeout and have been enjoying riding it on the Rail Trail in Florence. I tried it out on a hill in Greenville last week and quickly realized my limitations. The length provides a slow and steady ride-- even got my dad to try it.

Abbey Road Remastered:
Bi-Lo had it for $1 less than Wal-Mart-- how often does that happen? I confess my main reason in purchasing it was to hear Ringo's calfskin drum heads on side 2. I have not been disappointed.

John Adams DVD: Great acting and storytelling so far, as well as a reminder of our nation's rich history. Each episode is self-contained, so (unlike the addiction of 24) we can fit it in to an average evening without overdoing it.

The Mission of God:
This book is changing my entire Christian Worldview and understanding of the Church. It is the only "missional" book I know of that makes full use of the Old Testament and Jewish history. Absolutely incredible and will soon be on my top 5 life changing books. Really!

The Epistle to the Romans: This NICNT commentary really enhances one's understanding of Paul's use of "righteousness." Since that's a central theme to Romans, I'd say it's an important commentary.

Hubble Telescope Pictures: more incredible hi-res pictures of God's hand at work. "The heavens declare the gory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands."

Blue Bell Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's is getting expensive, and Breyer's just isn't doing it for me. But my wife's brownies topped with this stuff is just right. For weekends only. Oh, and weekends start on Thursday and end on Monday.


  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to "The Mission of God." I'm really interested in it now...

  2. As both my cousin and an Honorary Jew, I think it will be worth your time-- it is quite a read, but worth the effort. I hope to post more on the book/subject later.


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