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I've been behind at posting the last few sermons from Effingham Presbyterian. Today I caught up. Visit our church website and click on "Sermon (Podcast)."

Recently Posted:
  • Father's Day Sermon on our responsibility for all children in the covenant family.
  • Sermon on why God's Word must be God's Word.
  • Guest Speaker Chris Reeder (Revolution Church) on God's calling to reach our city for the Kingdom.
  • Laura Howard performing "You Are God Alone"
  • Susanne Reeder performing "God Speaking"

New Features:
  • Download accompanying sermon notes for all new posts. These are the notes I use on Sunday Morning--sometimes with extras that don't make it into the final sermon.
  • It's easier than ever to subscribe to sermons for your iPod. Just click on the icon.
  • The comments feature is working better than ever. Also, click "Share" to post something you like on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, & more.
For Pastors:
  • If you're not already using, give it a try. We test drove a few other services and settled on because it's free, easy to upload, and full of helpful features.
  • Just record your sermon to a CD instead of Cassette, import it to your computer, and upload it to If you record straight to a hard drive, it's even easier.


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