7 Steps to Godly Decisions; New Sermon Series

Here's a list of questions I've been asked in the last few weeks:
  • Should I get a divorce?
  • Should I get married?
  • Should I bail my son out of jail?
  • Should I have kids?
  • Should I move back home?
  • Should I move to a retirement home?
  • Should I retire?
  • Should I find a new job?
  • Should I buy a house?
Several years ago, I read James Petty's Step By Step: Divine Guidance for Ordinary Christians. The best part of the book comes towards the end with Petty's 7 steps to Godly Decisions. They're listed here:
  1. Consecration: Recognizing ALL aspects of life belong to God.
  2. Information: Gathering facts that impact our decision
  3. Supplication: Praying specifically about what to do.
  4. Consultation: Seeking Godly wisdom.
  5. Meditation: Seeking quiet time to weigh options.
  6. Decision: Making the decision!
  7. Expectation: Honestly looking at pros and cons of the decision we've made.

This Sunday at EPC, we'll be starting a new sermon series called The Road Ahead: Finding God's Will. It will be a great follow-up to God's GPS: Gifts, Passions, and Struggles (listen here).

Based on these 7 Steps, we'll look at what the guidance the Bible gives for making decisions-- from the everyday to the life-changing. See you Sunday!


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