World Magazine on Erskine

A fellow alumnus from Erskine College directed me to World Magazine's article on the current debate.  They write:
There is, for example, no mountain of evidence that the two ARP schools have lurched noticeably leftward in recent years. What's happened instead is that the sponsoring denomination has itself moved decidedly to the right—and now wants to take firm steps to bring its college and seminary with it. That's a rarity in the ecclesiastical and educational history of America...

But the reformers have their work cut out for them—especially with faculty and students. Faculty issues include sticky wickets like tenure obligations and accrediting agencies that look askance at any pressure by church bodies on academic institutions. Student issues go to the core of tradition and college culture—and the school's ability to recruit students interested in serious academics in an evangelical context, when that hasn't been Erskine's profile for a number of years.
The article seems like a fair assessment of what's happening in the ARP and at EC / ETS right now.  Read the rest here.


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