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This is becoming a familiar statement for me to hear:
"Sunday mornings are our family time; we're just so busy during the week, and Saturdays are no better."
Let me tell you, I hear ya!  Between work, Mom's taxi, chores, errands, and more, family time is tough to get.  That said, I also believe your family life will be utterly meaningless without faith. It's as simple as that.  Psalm 127:1 states, 
"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it."
A healthy church will enhance your family life and family experience.  It shouldn't compete with family time-- it should be a part of it.  If Sunday morning is your only family time, something might be wrong with the rest of the week.
Is it possible family time is hard to find because we've allowed other time to encroach?  When my household gets behind on chores or errands, I can point to the big glowing screen in our den and see why.  The average American watches about 30 hours of TV a week.  Add that to 40-50 hours of work, school, etc. and it's no wonder families get left out as well as ministry.

The Church is not more important than your family, but the Lord is.  I enjoy having time away from church on my own or with my family, but it must be balanced with my time serving God in my local church.  If not, my family grows enmeshed in a life of self-indulgence with no anchor of faith to hold us through marital conflicts, adolescence, emergencies, bills, etc.

Does your church compete with your family? What's an average Sunday morning like? Do you attend church while on vacation? Comment below!

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