Effingham Newsletter: June

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy..." George Gerswin

Summer won't begin until June 21, but for most people around here, summer has arrived.  You'll note some great activities planned at EPC to jump start your summer, from an Outdoor Service at Lynches River to VBS and a Boat Trip in a few weeks.

The “livin’ is easy” in summer, and many churches plan for lower attendance and a slower pace of church activities to compensate.  Here are some suggestions on how to keep your faith strong as you travel and enjoy the longer days.

-Look for a church while on vacation.  You can find another ARP church at ARPchurch.org, or find something different to refresh your soul. One of our elders recently shared his experience attending “boat church” at Santee.  I was envious!

-Turn neighbors into friends. Longer days mean more time to invite neighbors over for a cookout, watermelon feast, or dessert.  Use the time to build your friendship (not just your neighbor-ship) and invite them to one of your church’s events this summer.  

-Consider a season of prayer.  90 days of summer is 90 days to set aside for a special prayer.  You could pray for your State: (different county/city each day) Your Country: (50 states in 50 days/leaders on other days) Your church: (1 -3 members each day) or any thing!  Be creative.

-Embrace a slow evening.  A lot can be discussed on a rocking chair or around a patio. We spend too much time side by side but not face to face.  If school and work have come between you and your family this past quarter, take some time to force yourself to slow down and catch up.  No cell phone, no texting, no iPod & no TV.

-Give thanks for another season of life.  Each season brings new blessings and new challenges.  You may have had a rough start to 2009 or you may be facing a storm right now.  Regardless, God has blessed your heart with another beat and your lungs with another breath.  He has you here the season for a reason.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven...” Ecc. 3:1

(Image: Brian Howard)


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