Congregational Care Plan

I recently investigated Stephen Ministries as a potential for our church.  It's a great program that may work for us in the future, but not for now.  Instead, we're working on the following plan:

All Members

Goal: Spiritual and Emotional Health

  • Responsible for Friends, Neighbors, and Family, regardless of church affiliation.
  • Report to: God


Goal: Spiritual Health

Responsible for Members of Effingham.

  • Available for referrals with no church affiliation.
  • Hospital visits and Emergencies
  • Pre/Post surgery.
  • Pastoral Counseling.
  • General Concern (Phone or visit).
  • Homebound visits (6 week rotation).
  • Reports to: Session


Goal: Spiritual Health, Communication

Responsible for members of Zone.

  • Hospital Visit (coordinate with Pastor).
  • Emergencies when Pastor unavailable.
  • Phone Calls when member absent 3rd time.
  • Reminders of pertinent events.
  • Reports to: Pastor


Goal: Physical well-being

Responsible for members of Zone.

  • Help with practical recovery, chores, repairs, etc.
  • Oversees Member Benevolence
  • Reports to: Zone Elder

Care Calls

Goal: Emotional Health

Responsible for those on Care Call list (homebound, nursing home, recent hospitalization)

  • Phone call and/or card (2 week rotation)
  • Visits at own discretion.
  • Report to: Zone Elder

Women’s Circles & Men of the Church

Goal: Emotional Health

Responsible to members of Circles/MOC

  • Provide meals as needed.
  • Send Cards as needed.
  • Report to: Circle Leader or MOC Leader

Prayer Chain

Goal: Communicating prayer needs at request of family.

Responsible to those making prayer requests.

  • Calls next person on prayer list.
  • Commits to immediate prayer for the request.
  • Reports to: Next person on prayer chain

In addition, someone has suggested a prayer team to serve in addition to the prayer chain. I think this is a good possibility and would provide another prayer ministry different from what we already have. This quote from Stephen Ministries is right on:

"The church is the Care Giver.  God is the Cure Giver.  We are responsible for the process, He is responsible for the result."

What are your thoughts; comments? How does your church care for its people?

Image: Bergairah


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