Book Review: Gore's "Covenantal Worship"

Through the concept of his "Covenantal Worship," Gore develops a better understanding of the Puritan Regulative Principle and reveals its limitations. Namely, that it cannot be fully supported by Scripture. In its place Gore recommends the following ingredients for worship that is Biblical:
1. Simplicity
2. Orderliness 
3. Freedom 
4. Glorifying & Edifying 
5. Catholicity (Not Roman Catholicity, but the connection to other believers/denominations) 
6. Cultural Sensitivity 
7. Balance 
8. Christ-Centeredness  

For each criteria, Gore offers full Scripture support. In addition the book itself is a great overview of Reformed and Puritan worship through the ages. Published by Presbyterian & Reformed (P&R), it seems that the concepts could be applied to any worship or denominational tradition. After all, who doesn't want their church to be biblical? There is a significant depth to its 166 pages-- so much so that it took me a while to wade through it all with full understanding.

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