Blog-Worthy Week?

No, it hasn't been a blog worthy week.  That's not to say it hasn't been interesting-- just not blog worthy. Instead of a deep post on life, here are a few things that I've been up to:

-Doris Van Stone (Dorie) spoke at our missions dinner Wednesday. She has a powerful testimony.

-A dear matriarch of our church went home to the Lord this week.  The family is planning the funeral service today.

-I'm working on the second part of the "GPS" sermon series, studying Proverbs. You can listen to the series here.

-I finally got a proper day pack for hiking and possibly cycling. I'm using it this summer on a trip to TN.  It beats my old bookbag.  The guys at Naturally Outdoors were a big help, and they have connections to some good ministries in Florence.

-Thinking about ways the Howard family could section hike the AT.  I don't see a through-hike as long as we're working full-time.

-Discovered that Jeffries Creek is a great place for morning devotions after I drop off JHH. It's on the way to EPC.

-Watching with anticipation as centipede grass seed slowly takes shape. I'm not an expert on grass, but I can sound like one now.
-Southern States is my new favorite store.  It's a great place for wannabe farmers. 

-Finished up the Kitchen painting this week, which means the kitchen is finished.  I need to add some trim to two drawers and it will be done-- a full year after we started.  I'll post some pictures on FaceBook.


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