When I was growing up, the severest form of punishment I received after the days of spanking was to be "unplugged."  The GameBoy, Nintendo (or Sega Genesis), electric guitar, TV, VCR, walkman, and more had to go.

Now, to be unplugged is the greatest form of reward I can receive!  It's wonderful to have a break from the cell phone, e-mail, etc.

All that to say this: I'm going (partially) unplugged this week. My wife has a break from teaching, and I'm taking some time away from church duties to recharge.  See you all again on Sunday, April 19th for "Service with a Smile," A 1 part study of what it means to serve in God's Kingdom, and a time to honor some of those servants at EPC.

(Image: TurnOfYourTV.com)


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