SweetAgers Trip to Webster's

(image: mullinsscchamber.com)
Our SweetAgers just returned from a day-trip to Webster's in Mullins, SC.  Here are the highlights:
  • We were an hour from Effingham, yet we met 3 or 4 people from our neck of the woods, including a random FedEx driver who saw our bus and said he lived right down the road. 
  • I saw a college friend who's a pastor in Longs, SC.  I bet I haven't seen him in 6 or 7 years.  He was there with his senior group, too.
  • We stopped by the Russell Stover Candy outlet.  That's way too much temptation for a church trip!
  • Gloria, my GPS, took us through some way-out backroads to get there.  I still have much to see in Effingham after nearly a year here.
  • The desserts at Webster's came highly recommended by two other pastors (1) (2).  And they were right.
  • Fried chicken tastes different wherever you go, but it's always good!  So does sweet tea.
  • Bryan, I made it to your hometown!


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