Road Trip

Every year, my dad and I take a short road trip. This year was special, because it was the first time that my son joined us. When he was born, he came 6 weeks early and was just 4.5 lbs when we brought him home after a 2 week hospital stay. As we sat in intensive care during that time, my Dad said that when Harrison turned 3, we'd celebrate with a camping trip and worship time.

The camping trip turned into a beach trip to nearby Ocean Lakes, but we still had a great time. Here are the highlights:
  • Arriving at our "RV" to discover a flat-screen TV, granite countertops, and 3 full bedrooms. Not exactly "roughing it."
  • Pancakes on the camp stove; brats on the grill.
  • Sharing bunkbeds with Harrison (he got the top bunk)
  • A praise/prayer time with Dad as my healthy boy slept soundly in the next room.
  • A side trip to Calabash, NC for supper. Our idea of camp food has steadily improved over the years.
  • Catching up on some refreshing ministry reading.
  • Playing guitar with a sea-breeze rolling through (albeit a 50 degree one).
  • Losing my snazzy kite in the Atlantic thanks to Dad's dime store kite.
  • Seeing fireworks take the #2 spot behind the car wash as the scariest thing on earth for my 3 year old. He used to love 'em!
  • Cruising around in a golf cart, feeding ducks, looking for sea shells, and being generally amazed at the state of motor-homes these days.
What memories will you be making this Spring?


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