Dave Ramsey/Financial Peace (Free!)

A few years ago, my wife and I were blessed to attend one of Dave Ramsey's 12 week Financial Peace classes. It changed our lives and freed up our finances so we could focus on the important things in life, namely serving God wherever he put us.

Thanks to Ramsey's course, we're able to donate more than %10 of our income each year, we no longer use credit cards, and we're making our way through the debt snowball to pay off our mortgage and student loans (our only debt).

If you ever get a chance, take the course! It's offered at churches all over throughout the year. St. Paul Methodist in Florence recently offered it. If you're not ready for the commitment (the class costs around $85), LifeChurch.tv is offering a free 3 week series taught by Ramsey himself. This is an online series through their web campus. Check it out here. It will also be available free for churches to use, so maybe we'll find a venue for it here at EPC.


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