Nursery, Groeschel, & The Next Generation

I'm excited to see progress on a nursery remodel we have going on here at Effingham Presbyterian. While the old nursery was serviceable, it did not say to parents, "Your kids are a priority."*  With a new door, play area, carpet, and more on the horizon the old nursery is giving way to a new children's area that should be a good foundation for more than just babysitting.

Craig Groeschel is blogging about reaching the next generation (here & here) this week, and it is well worth your time. Here are some highlights:
  • Before they listen to you, they want to know if you’re listening to them. If you’ll get to know them, they will listen to you.
  • This generation builds trust slowly. If you don’t plan on having a third, fourth, or fifth conversation, you might not want to spend a lotof time on the first.
  • Most have been under-challenged. Many in this generation have been given much yet they’ve been challenged little. They have more potential than most realize.
  • They’re searching for a cause. This generation is looking for something (anything) worthwhile to live for. When they find a cause, they’ll go to extreme measures to make a difference.
Groeschel also addresses the impacts of techonolgy, globalization, and changes in evangelism for the next generation. While you're reading up on the subject, why not take some time to pray for our EPC teens as well?
  • That their sunday school teachers would be equipped for lasting relationships and Godly influene.
  • That their Bonclarken chaperones would have a safe, energizing, and spiritually memorable time.
  • That they will be blessed as part of a Covenant family with their fathers, mothers, brothers, & sisters at EPC.
  • That our church will make their generation a priority as our own parents and grandparents made us a priority.
*spelling error corrected, 2/18


  1. Those are good, interesting points about the next generation; sort of obvious, but obvious in the kind of way that 98% of people (including me) will miss it if it isn't pointed out.


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