Experiences vs. Things

(image: LLF Regional Library)
Our family has come to appreciate the value of time more than the value of money. We make opportunities to be together by prioritizing the mundane (and cheap): grocery shopping, family walks, library trips, public parks, church events, chores at home, and supper together almost every night.

Now that we're used to it, it's easy, but making time for all of us to participate in these things can take a little work. Family time is a rare and priceless commodity, but it's often sacrificed for commitments to bosses, colleagues, clients, and even the church family.

A recent study has revealed that most of us value experience over things, whether we realize it or not. It's an appropriate discussion for these challenging economic times when funds for new gadgets and toys may be limited:

Study: Experiences make us happier than possessions.

Ed Stetzer blogged about this earlier this month in his discussion of the "Deposits & Withdrawals" we make with our loved ones, especially in ministry.


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