Small Things in 2009

2009 has arrived and I keep waiting for something significant to say for my first post of the new year.  That hasn't happened yet, so here's the next best thing:  Small things that are on my mind for this week...
  • Sunday was a great start to the new year.  Here at EPC, we had a communion service in the morning and a concert of prayer that night.  We've done a "communion-centric" morning service before, but never a concert of prayer.  If you attended either, I'd love to know what you think.
  • I'm on Twitter now, and I'll tell you why: It's a good way to connect with other pastors and leaders.  It helps to see their schedules, their latest links, etc.
  • I've combined my Facebook and Twitter updates.  I understand this is a no-no, but it's working for now.  Friends and Church members like to keep up via Facebook, other pastors and leaders connect via Twitter.
  • Now than I'm twittering, can I justify getting an iPhone?  
  • The latest at the Howard home is that we're remodeling a bathroom, or "powder room" as all the fancy pants call it.  It's more exciting than you think.  You may not want to leave once you visit it.  
  • The latest at church is that we're focusing on multiplying leadership, providing good stewards of our facilities, and being intentional about reaching our community.  You should hear these goals repeatedly in 2009, beginning with Sunday's sermon: "Double Vision."


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