Obama, Inauguration & Religious Leaders

(image: nymag)
It seems that every day this week I've heard updates on President-Elect Obama's choices for the religious leaders that will participate in his inauguration festivities.

Regardless of his choices, he's bound to draw criticism. The fundamentals of any religious worldview are by definition mutually exclusive. Most notably, Obama has chosen a slate of leaders that represent every part of the protestant spectrum, yet (as of today), there are no Jewish or Muslim leaders taking part.

Below are links to each minister and a link to his or her denominational affiliation.

Invocation (Inauguration) Dr. Rick Warren Southern Baptist
National Prayer Service Rev. Sharon Watkins Disciples of Christ
Invocation (Festivities) Bishop Gene Robinson Episcopal Church (United States)
Benediction Rev. Joseph Lowery United Methodist

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Update (1/19): An article from Time on the history of the inaugural prayer and this year's missing priest and rabbi.


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