6 Promises of Christ: # 6

Jesus Christ promises that we are blessed when we are obedient. (Luke 11:28 NLT) 

blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice."

A friend of mine said the other day, “I thunk it, but I ain’t done it.” That pretty much sums up the approach many of us take to obeying God's Word.

  • We buy things we can’t afford and then we try to find a way to pay for them.
  • We commit our bodies and emotions through sex , and then we consider committing our lives through marriage.
  • We decide to be our children's buddies instead of parents and then we wonder why they grow up to be self-absorbed and faithless.
  • We make decisions all the time that violate Gods word, and then wonder why we’re not blessed.

God is gracious many times in that He doesn't punish us for our disobedience.  Sometimes, it seems like we get away with a lot.  However, He promises that He will withhold blessings when hear without obeying.  This is a promise I believe because I've experienced it many times.

Do you believe this promise?


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