10 Things to Do with your Effingham Pen

  1. Take notes in your Sunday School class, Small Group, or Sunday Worship. 
  2. Leave it along with a respectable tip next time you're out to eat.
  3. When you see it on your desk or write with it, say a brief prayer for God's work at EPC.
  4. Use it at your office or school. Leave several in the copy room, lounge, or kitchen.
  5. When you invite a friend to EPC, give them a pen, too.
  6. Conveniently leave it behind when signing a receipt in the checkout line.  When someone says, "Hey, you forgot your pen!"  Say, "Oh...did I?"  Add a crazed laugh for dramatic effect.  
  7. Impress children by doing the rubber pencil trick.
  8. Make a big show of "looking" for your Bright Green Effingham Presbyterian Church Pen.  Make sure everyone refers to it by its full name at all times.
  9. If you get stuck in a survival situation or encounter Jack Bauer, make a pen crossbow.
  10. Click it incessantly whenever your pastor goes past 12:00!


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