How Leaders and Volunteers should Communicate.

I found this creative political ad via TonyMorganLive.  It is a good example of knowing your community and communicating with them in an effective way.  Candidate Tom Perriello know he's in the heart of NASCAR country, and his ad reflects that.  I'm not endorsing him (he already won) or his politics, .

As I talk with other ministry leaders and volunteers in our church, I encourage them to think of creative ways of promoting their ministry.  Many do a great job because they know exactly what their community needs to hear and how to say it.  Our culture rarely responds to a brief announcement in the bulletin or the pulpit.  It takes an invitation, postcard, or more for them to feel engaged and invested in an event.

Take a look at the Periello ad and it's analysis over at Metacool.  Then see if it's principles apply to your next promotional opportunity.  Your Sunday school, small group, outing, or meeting could benefit from a "sticky" promo.


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