Recovering from Special Services & Dr. Barry Eller

Wow, here it is already Thursday and I haven't posted in a while.  We've had a good week here at Effingham Presbyterian Church.  Sunday-Tuesday, Dr. Barry Eller (from Mint Hill ARP) spoke at our special services (sadly, I don't have a picture). His theme was "Back to the Future: Re-discovering your first love."  You can listen (or download) via the sermon player at

Barry made some great points, many of which will likely enter my list of things to steal from other preachers:
  • "The worst things are not the last things."
  • "The first word of the good news is 'repent.'"
  • "John the Baptist was one ugly dude [with one beautiful message]."
I was thinking this morning that there is something to be said for having outside voices in church.  Guest speakers, guest musicians, guest testimonies, and more can have a big impact.  Then, I saw that Craig Groeschel had written about the very idea here

Outside voices:
  • Say things that insiders can't.
  • Notice things that insiders don't.
  • Energize things that insiders have forgotten.
Barry was gracious in his time with us here at EPC, having lunch with folks, visiting members, and allowing me to grill him on all aspects of ministry.  He's served churches young and old, established and starting up, so he has a few stories to tell and some lessons learned.  


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